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Presented by Laura Schoenfeld, RD - Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Women’s Health Expert
Get Your Period Back
Without Birth Control
Discover The 4-Step Action Plan My Clients Use to Recover a Normal, Healthy Period Quickly… Without Giving Up Exercise, Eating Junk Food, Or Using Unnecessary Medications!
FREE Online Workshop
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In this 75-minute training you’ll discover:
  • Why any woman who wants to get her period back should NOT take birth control

  • The single most important thing women must know about following the right diet if they want to get their period back

  • Why chasing weight gain (or even weight loss) is a total waste of time when trying to get recover a normal menstrual cycle

  •  Why quitting exercise isn't necessary for period recovery (PS - you need to have the right approach to working out!)

  •  5 common myths preventing women from getting their period back (that even their doctors are confused about!)
  •  How to save time and money on your journey to becoming a mom and starting a family

  • My proven 4-step protocol that has helped dozens of women get their periods back FAST

  • And more!

About Your Host
Hi there, I’m Laura! I’m a registered dietitian trained in functional medicine, intuitive eating, and health coaching.

I'm most well known for helping high-achieving, active women just like you who are struggling with irregular or missing cycles get their period back quickly so they can reclaim their womanhood and fertility.

I've successfully helped hundreds of women recover their periods quickly with my evidence-based, holistic approach... whether they had hypothalamic amenorrhea, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), or post-birth control syndrome.

Seeing these women recover their hormonal health, get their period back, and get pregnant was truly a joy... and I knew I just had to get this information out to as many women as I could!

And I can't wait to share this truly life changing information with you too.

If you want to get your period back quickly without resorting to birth control, quitting exercise, or giving up a healthy lifestyle...
then this FREE online workshop is for you!
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